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Last Shelter Survival Cheats

Last Shelter Survival Cheats – learn how to get unlimited diamonds

Last Shelter Survival is an interesting Real Time Strategy based game, which is suitable for all ages players. Developed by LONG TECH NETWORK LIMITED, the game has amazing Realistic Graphics design and mass Multi-Player system to draw the attention of young players. Your mission in the game is to lead a small group of zombie killers to clean up all the battlefields which is taken by zombies and for that you may need the help of Last Shelter Survival Hack. To end this zombie war, you need to train your troops, build your own defense around the zombie city.

Once you play this game for some time, you will find that it is easy to learn but progression isn’t possible until you know the secret to earn primary currencies in the game. Lacking of currency can make you stuck at many issues, but using Last Shelter Survival cheats can help you out of horrible issues. In fact, there are lots of game players using such cheat tool to build their strong empire in the game. So you should not feel uncomfortable when using these cheats codes.


Diamond and gold are extremely vital currencies of the game. You can spend real money to buy them or unlock stages to earn them in limited amounts. The more amount of Diamond you obtain, the more powerful team you can train, and the longer you will be able to play the game. The easy way to get diamond is by inviting your friends to play this game. However, you can only invite new friends once a week and ten max a month.

Tips for saving your diamond

The Last Shelter Survival players’ group of is a big one community. You can either join an existing group or create your own. To create a your personal group, you will need plenty of diamond. Moreover, you will have to wait till other players join your group. Instead, I suggest you join an existing group which has enough members. This will even save your diamond. If you want to spend diamond anywhere you want you can try Last Shelter Survival Cheats.

The players of the team are very helpful as they share their experiences to new players. Whenever you are in need of diamond, you can ask team members to help you out. Diamond can also be acquired by daily task rewarded.

Legendary heroes upgrades

If you want to kill to zombie boos you need to upgrade your Legendary heroes which will help you boost the body and mind status permanently. You should select the most often used heroes to upgrade instead of upgrading every heroes you want. Make sure to spend your diamond wisely in upgrading action. For larger amount upgrading, you need lots of diamonds, which should be painful if you are a new player. However, using our Last Shelter Survival cheats can help you out of this situation. The cheat will save your money that you was willing to spend on the in-app purchases. On the other hand, it also save your time, as you can make your gameplay progress fast than before.

The conclusion

To conclude, Last Shelter Survival is an awesome strategy mobile game this year that will keep you busy for several months. The game has acquired 4.5 out of 5 Stars on the rating chart. So, if you enjoy playing strategy game in your mobile device, then you should consider playing it. And if you need help to get unlimited diamond in the game, you may try our Last Shelter Survival cheats 2018.